Know your rights

If you are a patient with health insurance through an employer or a purchased individual plan, please click here for information on surprise medical billing protections.

Your Privacy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) works for you in a number of ways, but possibly one of its most important features is its Privacy Rule. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is intended to provide patients with assurances that confidential health information will be properly protected, and it requires that healthcare providers and related organizations implement reasonable safeguards against the misuse of a patient's health information and that they limit the disclosure or sharing of such information.

TeamHealth takes the protection of your health information very seriously. To ensure we protect your information, we have designated a Privacy Official to oversee our compliance with HIPAA and the adoption and implementation of policies and procedures that comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule standards. TeamHealth currently has in place numerous administrative, technical and physical safeguards that include policies and procedures about when and how your information can be released.

Each TeamHealth employee receives training on these policies and procedures, and we have implemented stiff penalties up to and including job termination for TeamHealth employees who fail to follow our internal and HIPAA policies. In addition, to help prevent inadvertent disclosure of electronically maintained information, we have established standard electronic formats and code sets for the electronic transmission and processing of healthcare information to preempt unauthorized access.